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Committed to Teaching

We have grown up owning, riding, and working with horses. Chapin trained horses professionally for several years at his family-owned facility - Bar T Horsemanship. Cody started Flying C Farm while getting her MBA at UNC Chapel Hill with the hope of combining a lifelong passion for teaching and horsemanship. ​Flying C Farm is committed to filling the gaps between riding lessons and horse ownership. We take a holistic approach to teaching others about horses, not just how to ride. Safe and functional horsemanship is our number one priority.



"The Crowd Favorite"

T is an 20-year-old quarter horse paint cross. Don't let his age fool you, T is the most playful, in-your-pocket, curious horse of the herd. He is always looking to get into new things and make new friends.​T was born and bred on Chapin's childhood farm in Pittsboro, NC and was the very first horse that Chapin ever trained. He is sure to make everyone crack a smile when they visit the farm.


"The Boomerang"

Evie is an 11-year-old Quarter Horse. Chapin bought Evie when she was 18 months old and trained her as a three-year-old. In 2019, we sold Evie back to her original owner/breeder. Exactly two years later we brought Evie back to the farm on a lease and eventually re-purchased her in 2022. She is as sweet as she is wide!



"The Matriarch"

Velvet is a 17-year-old Quarter Horse. She's "been there, done that" with an attitude and work ethic to match.​Velvet was just a week shy of her third birthday when Cody brought her home. The two have done a little of everything over the past 14 years including roping, jumping, clinics, and cow work. If you come to the farm, you'll be sure to see Velvet by Cody's side.

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"The Dude"

Hooah is a 17-year-old mustang who was rounded up in Nevada by the Bureau of Land Management as a two-year-old.​ In 2009, Chapin and Hooah were blindly matched in a nationwide competition called The Mustang Makeover - 100 trainers were given 100 days to gentle and train 100 wild mustangs. Just three months later, all trainers and horses traveled to Murfreesboro, TN to compete. Chapin and Hooah ended up placing 4th in their division by wowing the crowd with a mounted shooting freestyle. Hooah has been the boss of the herd ever since and he loves patrolling the pastures for intruders.




Dwyer is a 5-year-old Australian Shepard. She is a professional greeter and sidekick who earned her nickname by consistently rolling in "natural fertilizer."​She's never far from Cody or Chapin's side, except for when she is zooming around the pastures chasing squirrels!

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